Rotary World Help

Rotary World Help
315-475 Howe Street

Vancouver, BC  V6C 2B3


General Information​:



D’Arcy Warner


Wayne Crossen
(r) 604-530-7764
(c) 604-551-3575

Vice President:
Bonnie Sutherland
(r) 604-594-8116
(c) 604-202-2123

To Make a financial donation: 

Go to



Or Contact our:

Jack Zaleski
(r) 604-328-4288

To make an estate donation or find out how an estate donation can save you taxes:​​

Wayne Crossen
(r) 604-530-7764
(c) 604-551-3575


To make a donation of goods:

Warehouse and Pick-up Manager
George Sandwith
(r) 604-464-9419
(c) 604-417-8203

Shipping Information:

Vice President – Shipping
David Greenwood
(r) 604-987-6309
(c) 778-888-5070

To sponsor a container: 

See general information above.

Our Warehouse

Our Warehouse - site map

Click on the map to open a PDF copy.

Remember - Everyone Can Help In Some Way!

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