Procedure to Obtain Humanitarian Aid

Rotary World Help (RWH) is an all volunteer registered non-profit society with no payroll and extremely low administration expenses. It gathers, sorts, records, and ships in 20' or 40' containers medical, dental, optical, educational, sports and disaster relief goods to third world countries where people are in need.

Our only criteria for aid is need. All costs are raised by Rotary clubs directly and indirectly and all goods are normally shipped Rotary Club to Rotary Club to ensure the beneficiaries of the aid receive the goods


Sponsoring Rotary Club: must be a member club of Rotary World Help. They are responsible to ensure all of the funds required are available before the container is shipped. If a matching grant is used they are responsible to ensure all of Rotary International forms are completed and filed.

Recipient Rotary Club:  Is in a country other than Canada and agrees to oversee the receipt of the container. They must fill out and sign the Request for Humanitarian Aid form. They must also complete the Cargo Distribution report within 2 weeks after the container has been received and the materials distributed.

While not mandatory, it would be appreciated if pictures and articles from newspapers, videos, stories or personal anecdotes of the unloading, distribution and end recipients were forwarded to Rotary World Help for their website.

Consignee: is the organization who will be the end user of the shipment. The consignee may request aid directly from Rotary World Help using the Request for Humanitarian Aid form. They should attempt to get a Rotary Club in their area to act as the Recipient Club as this will strengthen their application.

Criteria for Aid

Payment of Shipping Costs​

The Humanitarian Aid Process

• Rotary World Help does not send humanitarian aid based on politics or religion, but simply on need.
• Our ability to acquire the type of aid requested.
• The ability for the goods to enter the country without unnecessary hold ups or taxes
• Rotary World Help does not pay or accept bribes in any form.
• Rotary World Help prefers and normally only ships from Rotary Club to Rotary Club to ensure everything reaches those in need.

Normally the Sponsoring and Receiving Clubs are responsible for paying all of the shipping costs. Matching grants may now be applied for part of the shipping costs.

A request for aid begins when the Recipient Club sends a letter on printed letterhead to Rotary World Help, printed on letterhead, explaining the circumstances and type of aid needed. The letter is attached to the Request for Humanitarian Aid form which must be fully completed.


Humanitarian Aid Form.

Once the aid and shipment are approved the sponsoring club, if a Rotary World Help member, must submit a cheque for the full cost of the shipment. If the sponsoring club is not a member, they must join and pay 2 years dues, plus the full cost of the shipment. In addition to the cost of shipping, a cheque for a $1,500 administration fee is payable to Rotary World Help. This fee goes towards covering Rotary World Help’s operating costs such as warehousing, truck operation and other minor expenses.

As soon as we have the cargo ready, we will schedule a tentative loading and shipping dates. We will then notify the Sponsoring Club. They will be expected to help provide manpower for the container loading.

The Recipient Club will be advised of the shipping and customs details. They will be required to get the container thru customs and oversee the unloading and ensure all of the goods go to the consignee.

Within two weeks the Recipient Club must complete the cargo distribution report and send to together with pictures, etc. to Rotary World Help.


If you have any questions on the process please call or email the President or Vice President shipping. Their contact information is available under “Contact Us”.

Request for Humanitarian Aid Form

click here for pdf

Cargo Distribution Report

click here for pdf

Cargo Distribution Report

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